Big sleeps for tiny dreamers

Napper is the app that's changing the sleep game for babies everywhere. With tailor-made nap schedules, dream-inducing tracks and sounds, and tips that are actually helpful, it’s guaranteed to be a snooze-fest in the best way possible.

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TOTAL baby sleep and attitude adjustment!

"WOW! I was skeptical. I’ve always had an easy sleeper until recently. Gave this app a go and by day 2 I saw amazing results in babies happiness and nap/sleep schedule. I am hooked and so grateful. - Thank you napper!"

User testimonial from Gabrielle



Amazingly accurate

"If you take the time to input the data this app will help you so much to watch wake windows and to know when nap/bedtime is coming. It’s amazingly accurate!"

User testimonial from Christopher


Dad to Amelia

Game changing

"I can honestly say nothing has been more helpful in getting our 1 yo’s sleep pattern down than this app. At this point it is pretty much always right to within 2~3 minutes of when he falls asleep. I wish we’d been using it from day 1!"

User testimonial from Andrew


Dad to Henry

Life changing

"This app has given me so much peace of mind. It has helped me develop structure that I was lacking and gives spot on recommendations for when to get my baby to nap. My baby falls asleep much quicker now and seems so much more even keeled 🙏"

User testimonial from Kate


Mom to Mila

Now I can’t live without it

"This has been a GAME CHANGER for our family. You can share profiles with the other parent or caregiver and collectively track everything. And I mean everything. The nap tracking is amazing and helps me remember when he needs to sleep. I also noticed when he’s getting fussy and I realize OH! It’s because it’s almost time for a nap! Huge fan. Don’t hesitate. Download it. Get the premium version. Do it."

User testimonial from Emily


Mom to Mason

Life changing

"I struggled so much with finding a routine for my son. This app has taken a load off with trying to track wake windows and nap times. I really appreciate the 30 minute heads up until nap time- it has so far been exactly the amount of time I need to put him down."

User testimonial from Rachel


Mom to Lucas


Your baby has a plan

  1. Build a routine that works for everyone

  2. Dodge epic meltdowns by preventing overtiredness

  3. Learn from their patterns and become a baby whisperer


Tweet, tweet, little bird

White noise
White noise

Classic white noise

Pink noise
Pink noise

Bass-boosted white noise

In the womb
In the womb

A familiar sound for newborns

Cozy rainy car ride
Cozy rainy car ride

Windscreen wipers and soft rain

Twinkle, twinkle
Twinkle, twinkle

Mozart's humongous five-star banger


Ah, the smell of freshly-cut grass

In the carrier
In the carrier

Out for a walk, safe and sound

30+ sleep sounds for mini connoisseurs

Music taste is personal, ask any baby. Browse our selection of white noise and other sleep sounds to find what works for them.

Chapter 1

What Are Night Wakings?

Surprisingly, they're actually a good thing (well, sort of)

About sleep

Chapter 2

Why Do Babies Wake Up At Night?

Yes, why?!?!

About sleep

Chapter 3

When Will They Sleep Through The Night?

Please god let it be soon!

About sleep

Chapter 4

Reducing Night Wakings

What you can do without having to resort to extinction

About sleep
Napper mobile app

Sleep knowledge is sleep power

The last thing you may want is advice. But we promise, this is stuff backed by science and about 1 million moms.

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Crunching data, crushing sleep

Gain insights on sleep hours, rise times, and bedtimes. Track other important stuff like nursing, diaper changes and bottle feeding to get stats straight from the source (your baby).