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Our story

Our story starts with the birth of a perfect baby girl. Her slightly less-than-perfect parents found themselves struggling to establish a routine that would result in an optimally rested baby. After trying every sleep tool on the market, her father thought, 'Hey, I could do this better!' And that’s how Napper was born. Everyone knows how important sleep hygiene is — especially new parents. That’s why we’ve made an app that uses your baby’s data to create a bespoke schedule, ensuring they fall asleep and stay asleep at the right times. Now millions of families are using our app because a well-rested baby makes everything else a million times better. Napper provides all the tools parents need to give big sleeps to tiny dreamers.

Who We Are

Napper is an award winning baby sleep app that helps parents identify their baby’s optimal sleep schedule.

What We Do

We weave together science-backed knowledge with technology to support parents on their baby's sleep journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure every parent goes to bed at night feeling like the best parent in the world.